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Jennifer Necir Olson

Vice President, Finance, Apriem Advisors

For Jennifer Olson, finance and investments are a means to an end. That’s not just meant as a fulfilling career for herself, but she sees them as key to greater opportunities for diverse people and success for her firm and its clients. A native of the Philippines who trained in accounting, Olson came to the U.S. in 2007 seeking opportunity. She was sponsored by Irvine, California-based Apriem Advisors, “which took me in like a family member,” said Olson, who has repaid the kindness by giving back “to the highest degree,” which is the meaning of the firm’s Latin name.

Supporting her work in creating and managing small charitable endowments, she is one of the few chartered financial analysts at an RIA firm who holds an international accreditation in investment performance analysis. Working on Apriem’s own finances resulted in savings that have enabled it to fully pay for employee medical coverage as well as provide grants to nonprofits where employees volunteer.

Additionally, Olson, 39, is a member of the CFP Board mentor program and a Big Brothers Big Sisters of America volunteer. She heads the firm’s diversity and inclusion efforts, and crafted its internship program, insisting that at least one of the firm’s two or three interns be female. “There’s diversity in everything we do,” she said.

Evan Cooper